“Far too often, our region is completely ignored during state discussions of economic development. We need a strong voice representing the Southern Tier to address these concerns." 

It's no secret that our region has been left behind in many regards. Our young people are leaving for school or careers with no expectation of returning home. Businesses that had become part of the local fabric continue to close down. 

At a time when large corporations rake in record levels of profits while outsourcing and sending employment overseas, middle class workers and small business owners are constantly fighting a deck stacked against them. 

We must continue toward a more worker and small business friendly climate in the upstate region.  As the backbone of our rural economies, protecting the rights and benefits of organized labor members and working families is essential.  

Embracing new industries and technologies is a must. We will devote any and all available resources to finding these developing industries and research ways to bring them to the Southern Tier. 



“We are obligated to do everything possible, without exception, to protect the land for our children and grandchildren.”

We all love our great state. We need to do everything possible to protect our natural resources in the Southern Tier. As we move away from fossil fuels and other pollutants, we move toward a replenished, vibrant region and local economy. 

Our region is not a dump site for waste coming from outside the region. Southern Tier residents will continue to stand together and oppose energy extraction methods that carry large risk premiums.

We will not compromise the condition of our land and water for future generations in the name of short term financial gains. Far too often we see the damaging effects of profits trumping everything.  



"Recently the state legislature enacted perhaps the strongest paid family leave program in the country. While this is a major accomplishment, we know there is still much work to be done." 

That's why we stand with women throughout the state in demanding unobstructed access to quality health care. The relationship between a woman and her physician should not be subject to government intrusion. 

Today, roughly 1 in every 3 business school graduates is a women. Yet our board rooms and executive positions don't reflect this reality. A major key to the revitalization of the Southern Tier will be empowering women at the top.

We need to make resources more widely available for women to start and grow business. Establishing programs like Girl DevelopIT are very effective in helping women break the entry barriers in what are historically male dominated fields.  

One thing is clear: When we invest in the women of the Southern Tier, we're investing in a stronger, brighter Southern Tier. 



“Transparency seems to be a foreign concept in Albany. Voters should have direct and reliable access to the happenings in their state government."

Year after year the machine in Albany manages to find itself atop the list of shame; the most corrupt state governments in the country. In recent months, we've seen the indictment and conviction of two of the most influential policy makers in the State.

Recently, legislation was passed stripping the pensions of newly elected officials convicted of corruption and other crimes. While this is a necessary step, we have to do more. 

Far too often, the policy makers we put in office to serve our needs end up selling us out for the big check writers around the state. This campaign answers to no special interest or conglomerate, we are accountable only to the constituents of this Southern Tier.

"This campaign is about putting our region back on the map in Albany. We need a stronger voice for the district in the Assembly. The people who truly know and love the Southern Tier are being ignored. We are building a campaign to change that."

— Bill Batrowny


"As long as we continue sending our troops off to foreign wars and occupancy, we must be able to provide quality health care and meet theirs needs when they come back home."

As a military veteran, Bill is committed to fighting for active Military service members, fellow veterans, and their families. We are obligated to provide every resource possible to aide the transition from service.

We must provide quality health care and mental health services for our service members and homecoming veterans. We will support any program that provides career and skills training for military veterans, and push for stronger legislation to create those career opportunities. 

Our military members make unthinkable sacrifices to protect our country. We have a duty to not turn our back on those who fought for us.


"We have to start to look at drug addiction as a disease requiring intense treatment, not a crime where we throw away the key." 

Drug addiction does not discriminate. It doesn't care about your race, whether you are rich or poor, man or woman, whether you live in the inner cities, or the rural regions. It can happen to any of us. 

The stigma of addiction and feelings of shame prevent too many from seeking the help they so desperately need. Often times strong self will just isn't enough. We need a strong supporting community and access to adequate resources. 

We will work to get more treatment access for those in need. Building a relationship and actively working with local law enforcement will play an important role in directing users to treatment, not jail.  

We all have a role in this fight against drug abuse even if we haven't fought this battle personally. The truth is, it's very likely someone you know may have gone through this struggle or is currently fighting.