Jobs & Economic Development

  • Investing in our crumbling roads, bridges, and highways.
  • Embracing new technologies/industries and supporting existing local business. Renewable energy projects have the potential to create a significant number of new jobs in our region. Hemp industry?
  • Expanding STEM Grants and Innovation Vouchers

Albany Corruption & Ethics Reform

  • I pledge to close the absurd 'LLC Loophole' which allows wealthy donors to set up numerous Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) to contribute virtually unlimited funds to campaigns in effort to further their special interests.


Opioid Epidemic 

  • Education is the key. Treat as a health crisis not criminal issue
  • Establish long term care services; Addiction isn't overcome in 30 days
  • Limit the Pharmaceutical Industry influence over policy making

Bill commits to never accepting a single dollar from the pharmaceutical industry or their lobbying groups/PACS