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Stand with Bill this November if you share the same vision for the Southern Tier that puts the working men and women first.

Help bring a voice back to the Southern Tier


Meet Bill

Bill is a lifelong resident of the Southern Tier and has devoted a majority of that time to serving the community he is proud to call home. 


The Southern Tier is a beautiful region and it's full of potential. To realize that potential, we need bold leadership willing to address the issues we face. 

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Our campaign is not funded by special interests or mega donors outside the area. We are powered by the working men and women in our community.



Bill's Plan


Jobs & Economic Development

  • Create good paying jobs by Investing in our crumbling roads, bridges, & highways. In New York we pay a tax on gasoline, car licensing/rentals and other services. These funds are marked for the maintenance of our state infrastructure. Instead this money is often rerouted to cover deficits in other areas of the budget. I will fight to end the raiding of the Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund, a practice that leaves our upstate region with less. 
  • Support existing local business with tax policy that makes our region competitive again. New York is constantly rated among the worst states in terms of tax rates for business. In this unfriendly business climate, it's no wonder we are in such desperate need of need jobs. 
  • Embracing new technologies and industries; Renewable energy projects will create a significant number of good paying jobs in our region. Industrial hemp production has numerous applications and will serve as an additional revenue source and offering for our local family farms. 
  • Expanding STEM grants and innovation vouchers to stimulate entreprenuership and business development in our region. I will also work to strenghthen partnerships with universities throughout the state and our local entrepreneurs and small business.

Albany Corruption & Ethics Reform

  • We have to end the 'pay to play' culture that exists in Albany. I support legislation that closes the 'LLC Loophole' which allows wealthy donors to contribute virtually unlimited amounts to their chosen candidates in order to advance their special interests
  • I pledge to work full-time as your State Assemblyman, and will not earn a dollar in income from any outside employer. I support a limit on outside income to eliminate potential conflicts of interest.

Opioid Epidemic 

  • I will push for funding to research alternative approaches to fight this epidemic. 
  • Addiction isn't overcome in 30 days; We need to establish long term care and work with insurance providers to cover these services 
  • Limit the pharmaceutical industry influence over policy making. I commit to never accept a dollar in campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry or their lobbying groups

This campaign is about giving a voice back to the community. Please take a minute to complete our survey on the issues 


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